“Chrissy, words can barely describe the transformation I feel. You provided a safe space for me to explore my true self and you have this ability to get me to work on such a deep level, without judgement. You lead me to the door and leave me to walk through it.....on my terms!”


per hour via Zoom

Somatic Therapy - £56.00
Couples Therapy - £80.25

Chakra Balancing - £63.90

Somatic Therapy: (Soma: body as being distinct from the mind)

These sessions use empathy, intuition and somatic perception and offer you a broader integrative process. The sessions help you understand where your story lies in the body and how that might be impacting your overall expression. This holistic process helps to nurture personal autonomy, embodiment, alignment and authenticity and is a much deeper dive into the truth behind the systems, beliefs and values that shape the persona you live through.

Couples Therapy:

Almost always it isn't a question of love - it's a question of communication. How we communicate is what makes or breaks any relationship. Investing in your relationship using therapy can transform how you relate to one another; can deepen respect compassion and understanding; can build a stronger, more honest foundation for you both to stand on.


Chakra Balancing:

This is a deep energy bath - perfect for these chaotic times. During this session I will guide you into your body, visiting each chakra and re-tuning it (using channelled Reiki) to support your whole energy field. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.