Over the last 10 months the Listening brand has been evolving and expanding. Change is the only constant and resistance to change is futile.

The Listening brand will continue under a new wing.

Listening (traditional counselling) now sits under the wing of my new brand Zeta Ophiuchi, see links below. Zeta serves a broader audience who seek to more deeply develop their inner work, spiritual and soul connection. As we move more deeply into the age of Aquarius we are coming together - recombining - in new ways to collaborate from a purer truth set free from ancestral miasma. Dharma rather than ancestral Karma. Heart centred and in alignment, using intuition and soul as tools for manifestation rather than top down, profit driven 'labours'.  It's a new dawn folks and I must move with the times.

Please click the links below to visit us at our new locations. We look forward to seeing you there.



"I've been working to reconnect to who I know I really am and made good headway. Then I met Chrissy Sawyer who has nurtured me to a point where I have been able to reconnect to my heart, reconnect to the person I have always known I am but who has been drowned by social nicety and opinion of others. The skill and support Chrissy uses with me is outstanding. She helps unravel without shame or judgement. She has helped guide me to where I want to be - in my heart! 

I can say no more than thank you, from the bottom of my reconnected heart!"

Business Owner - UK


Chrissy, you did exactly what you said you would!

It's amazing how you reflect back to me in two sentences what it's just taken me 20 minutes to get out of myself!

Private Client - UK


With Chrissy I worked through grief, loss and attachment.

As I moved through my 'nameless dread', my spiritual path began to emerge and Chrissy blended meditation with counselling to guide me into further into the seat of my soul.

Since then I have moved away from prescribed medication and changed my path to include my previously hidden giftedness.

Private Client - UK


Reaching out to Chrissy was huge for me. I've never reached out for 'help'and reject the idea of talk therapy. I didn't get how it could create profound and lasting change but with Chrissy it did.

She has the tools and skills that go beyond a 'typical therapist' ; she doesn't just listen, she supports you to transform on a deep level

I strongly recommend her

Military Officer - UK


The space Chrissy provided helped me to open up and be willing to explore myself; she helped me discover things I never knew.

Chrissy was a great catalyst in my own personal development and I cannot thank her enough.

Private Client - US


With Chrissy I have gone from a dark, frustrating confusion 'in my head' as a defensive, wounded warrior to a more grounded, integrated feminine/masculine, heart-connected, anchored male (and still a warrior!).

Chrissy held sacred space, guided me through 'My Dark Night Of The Soul' as I metaphorically 'threw up' all my pain, frustration and litres of tears into her lap.

Chrissy I am deeply grateful our paths crossed.

You make a powerfully positive difference to others when you share your light. You helped this starfish return to the sea!

Sean Foley - EQ2Lead