Soul Journey


Soul Journey session: £81.00 per 75 minute session via Zoom

(additional £5 for mp4 recording)

'Soul' is the immaterial essence of a being and, as such, becomes the bridge between physical and non physical reality.

A Soul Journey session is different to therapy in a way that takes you much deeper into your psyche. In this deeply relaxed state, the intellect is less able to take over and your truth is revealed free from the noise of the mental plane.

Ideally you will already be practiced in meditation and journeying and have done at least some shadow work. Often in this 'theta' state, hidden fields of information can be revealed and integrated and the feeling of 'coming home' to self can register as an emotional response. This is a natural response. Journal work can support your process too. 

  • Before your session, I will tune into your energy and do a 3 card reading for you. This will guide the container for your work so you get the most out of your session. 
  • During your session, I will help you fully ground before guiding you into vision quest (dreamstate or 'theta' where you can navigate the physical and non-physical). During your journey I will facilitate and hold space for you. The session can be recorded and sent to you via mp4. Vision quest will reveal your potentials and your blocks and these will guide the 'meat and bones' of the session.
  • After your session, drink plenty of water to help the body move any 'stuck' energy with ease. It will also help you to carve out some reflection time just for you and without interruption.

As a double check - if any of these sentences land with you in some way, there's a truth waiting to be revealed.

  • I'm feeling the 'stretch' to be more and wanting to know where to begin
  • How do I fully realise and share my giftedness in the world?
  • How can I connect to my guides?
  • How can I integrate and reconcile my inner conflicts? (work/spirituality)
  • I know I need to let go of this and that but I dread the loss of control
  • I'm confused and disoriented. What is mine and what am I picking up on empathically?
  • Who can I turn to for help - counselling not going to cut it
  • I'm struggling to manifest in the world - something seems to stop me
  • Need someone who knows exactly what they're doing with the darkest part of my soul
  • I want to bring my difference to the world but I fear the judgment of my 'weird'

If you feel ready to clear your karmic field, reveal your soul's potential, dissolve out-dated structures and leave yourself clear to love you again, please click the button below.