Listening to You

it's in the silence we hear the heart sing


Soul Journey Sessions

A Soul Journey session is different to counselling in a way that takes you much deeper into your hidden inner landscape. In this landscape the intellect cannot take over and your truth is revealed free from the noise of the mental plane.


Offering 12 years professional experience to individuals, couples and the military, I specialise in moral injury, complex post traumatic stress disorder and the grown wounded child. ....

Personal Readings

Card decks are a useful tool to access inner wisdom, especially in those times when we have too many choices or too much mental confusion. With card readings it’s not about being a passenger so much as seeing and feeling which cards cause a ripple inside you; it’s about responding to those messages with the innocence and curiosity of a child….

5 card channelled reading - £33.33 for an mp4 recording sent to you via email.

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