Listening to You

it's in the silence we hear the heart sing


Individual Counselling session: £53.50/hr via Zoom

Couples Counselling session: £80.25/hr via Zoom

Offering 13 years professional experience to individuals, couples and the military, I specialise in moral injury, complex post traumatic stress disorder and the grown wounded child. If your emotions are eclipsing your ability to rationally evaluate, it might be time to explore how you are meeting and processing life. 

Couples: Almost always it isn't a question of love - it's a question of communication. How we communicate is what makes or breaks any relationship. Investing in your relationship through counselling can transform how you relate to one another; can deepen respect compassion and understanding; can build stronger a foundations for you both to stand on.


I work in a whole system way, balancing the implicit (inner truth) with the explicit (what the personality projects), exploring repressed and expressed self, reframing personal perception and expectation into a new reality that releases associated sensory trauma from the body.

You leave the experience, grown, courageous, wise and more self aware.

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