Listening to You

it's in the silence we hear the heart sing

Chrissy Sawyer

Soul Path Facilitator | Counsellor


Hello and welcome!

When I see you through the eyes of a child, I see your innocence and your joy; I see your playfulness, your  wonder and your ability to see beauty in everything.

When I see you through the  eyes of a teenager, I see your ability to change the world. I see your fire, your passion, your creativity, your defiance, your anger  and your rage.

When I see you through the eyes of an adult, I see where inner conflicts play out in your 'here/now' life. I see where there's room for inner reconciliation and peace.

It's only in the looking back that I truly see my path; when I look back through the lens of synchronicity, I more deeply understand that none of it was an accident. My work centres mainly around Jungian Shadow Work or, revealling the unconscious / hidden / gifted self.

When we resolve the incongruence of a half lived life (pretending, people pleasing, adapting, fitting in rather than standing out) and when we reaslie we're not being true to self because we defer to someone else's dominion, a certain inner harmony begins to push roots into a gentle rebellion with self-perception.

What I bring is clean space where there is no judgment or expectation and where you can unpack your story, in your own unique way.

Life happens while you’re busy making plans but are your plans based on early programming or on what your authenticity needs to fully express itself? Does the song you sing in the world come from conditioned responses or straight from your heart?

If the child and the teenager couldn't express their truest self for whatever reason, they won't know how to fully express themselves in adulthood. If it's in any way unsafe for you to bring your innocence and your fire into the world, it might be time to deeply challenge some outmoded beliefs around who you are and who you think you should be.



You are the Architect of your World

Not a Passenger in Your Own Life

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