2021 Testimonial

This client has a rare wildness clawing to escape - she calls it her 'inner gypsy'. I say this because I never make promises for a better life but I do see and harness what the client brings. I hold space for that to seed, root, grow and take hold, leading the client to a greater expression of their potency. This client was an utter joy to work with!

Unimaginable, beyond my wildest dreams. That was the life Chrissy said could be mine...and it is! Doing 'the work' with Chrissy was the most valuable experience of my life - I was able to press reset on 54 years of old stuff and walk into a new life that is joyful, authentic, easy, content. The unhelpful has been processed and cast away, life is light. 

Chrissy is a phenomenal therapist who helped me make the seemingly impossible come alive in my life. If you are thinking of contacting her, do so this very moment. She is the best gift you could ever give yourself.