Listen and Silent contain the same letters...

I write because I can't not write!


And my writing takes many forms: Poetry, tailor made workshops, articles on well being and mental health, web content, guest story writer for Unload and currently writing fiction.

Writing Testimonials:


  • "Chrissy does what she says, which is rare. People note the copy I use. They ask me how Unload achieved clarity and impact and power in the written word. The answer is Chrissy explored and listened and understood and challenged (more than once when required) and tested and created that clarity when before there was fog and disconnection. Chrissy is my first choice of copy writer, I strongly suggest she becomes yours too."


  • "I am in awe of how you are able to filter to achieve the desired clarity and with such speed...am humbled and thankful."


A small selection of articles...

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