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Listen and Silent contain the same  letters...

It's in the Silence we hear the heart sing

Bespoke Workshops - designed to improve relationships, support new interaction, build rapport and strengthen team cohesion.

For a Charity Organisation 

The Brief: to improve understanding of how to best  meet mental health as it walks through the door; how to disentangle the clients need from what is actually troubling them and clouding the real issue.

  • "You are very easy to open up to. You make people feel comfortable. Good manner, tone of voice etc. I feel we could learn more from you personally and work wise!"
  • "Very kind, respectful and welcomed all ideas/thoughts from us easily and happily. Constantly positive and happy to answer any questions. Brilliant trainer!"

For a Community Interest Company (CIC)

It has been a privilege to serve as a voluneer director and facilitator for a CIC created to support Veterans who are suffering with anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD. Alongside my other work, I have spent the last 4 years developing and delivering a successful therapeutic process in a workshop environment. It has been the work of my heart and taught me so much about trauma and love. I am proud to have been involved in the journey of this organisation.

  • "Thank you Chrissy, you showed me a better way; a better life."

For Public Sector

The Brief: to create a team building workshop to include facilitation and support for a changing team. Consolidate and bond team spirit, enable and facilitate open narrative.

Leave them 'feeling good'.

  • "I will take away with me the ability to be more comfortable and relaxed when I meet people."
  • "Barriers are imagined and can be broken down with a listening approach and remembering we often have more in common than we think."

For Large Corporate

OFGEM Broad Measures Initiative

Company wide initiative to improve customer services within the electrical construction industry. Training delivered to 500+ employees and sub-contractors.

  • "Being able to look at the situation from both sides and get the full picture was most useful. An informative and well delivered course; professional and entertaining."
  • "Remembering myself as a customer as well as a provider was the most helpful aspect. It has helped me to understand the customers frustration as if it were my own."