Listen and Silent contain the same  letters...

It's in the Silence we hear the heart sing

Counselling (Individual) - £42.50 / Hour

Offering 12 years professional experience to individuals, couples and the military, I specialise in moral injury, complex post traumatic stress disorder and the grown wounded child. If your emotions are eclipsing your ability to rationally evaluate, it might be time to explore how you are meeting and processing life.


Developing my unique experience of healing personal trauma, I work in a ‘whole system’ way, balancing the implicit and explicit story; exploring repressed and expressed self; reframing personal perception and expectation into a new reality that releases associated sensory trauma from the body.

Counselling sessions can be carried out in person or via weblink at Zoom

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Counselling (Couples) - £60.60 / hour / couple

Almost always it isn't a question of love - it's a question of communication. How we communicate is what makes or breaks any relationship. Investing in your relationship through counselling can transform how you relate to one another; can deepen respect and compassion and can build stronger foundations to move forward with. When you re-see the moment you met, you'll see the gift that was given to you.

Counselling (Armed forces referral) - £42.50 / hr

I have been working with our serving and ex-military since 2014 and I welcome referrals from outside agencies. As a daughter and granddaughter of a military family, I understand anxiety, depression, complex post traumatic stress disorder and moral injury. It's about healing the heart and soul.

    Reiki - £67.50 / 90 mins

    Loosely translated, Reiki can be more deeply understood as two words; Rei as Universal and Ki as Energy (also 'chi' and 'prana'). I sense Rei as Active Intelligence or the 'field' and Ki as the energy that permeates all living things. During a Reiki session this holistic, intelligent energy is channeled through the Practitioner to the Client. Because it is intelligent, Reiki attunes to your specific need, never giving too much nor too little. It can be used to relax and rebalance or it can be focused on a more specific need and like counselling, the original need is often masking something beneath it so stay open to a new discovery!

    • Sessions can be done in person or remotely and, because Reiki has its own intelligence, please allow up to 90 minutes for your session. If the session is less than 90 minutes, the price is pro rata @ £45.00/hr.
    • Book your Reiki session here by selecting 'Reiki' on the drop down menu.

    Insight Readings - £30 - £75

    I have been using guidance cards for around 25 years and find the discipline to be extremely insightful and free from the lower egoic thinking/worrying mind. When a focused question is asked, the answer tends to come out clean and clear and can often surprise! 

    • Quick and dirty - one question reading using 3 cards - £30
    • More in depth - 5 card reading with clarifyers - £45 + MP3 file
    • Live reading with one to one guidance - 1 hour - £75 + MP3 file
    • Book a reading here by selecting your preferred 'Insight Reading'. 

    Gatherings - Meditation and Soul Work; Developing Intuition; Crystal & Energy Work

    Please contact me for latest news on personal development workshops; love to see you there!

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