Listen and Silent contain the same letters...

Chrissy Sawyer


Counsellor | Facilitator | Business Trainer

When I see you through the eyes of a child, I see your innocence, your joy, your playfulness, your wonder and your ability to see beauty in everything.

When I see you through the eyes of a teenager, I see your ability to change the world. I see your fire, your passion, your creativity, your defiance, your anger and your rage.

When I see you through the eyes of an adult, I see where inner conflicts play out in your 'here/now' life. I see where there's room for inner reconciliation and peace.

Welcome - good to have you here.


They say life happens while you’re busy making plans and I certainly find this to be true. Only problem was, the plans I was making were based on early programming and not on what my authenticity needed to fully express itself. If the child and the teenager couldn't express their truest 'self' for whatever reason, you can empty your wallet on the fact they won't know how to fully express themselves in adulthood. If it's in any way unsafe for you to bring your innocence and your fire to the world then it might be time to deeply challenge some old, outmoded beliefs around who you are and who you think you should be.


If you see yourself repeating familiar patterns (clue: you'll see this when you audit your relationships) or feel you're trying your very best and getting nowhere, give me a call; it's just an old narrative that needs unpicking.



You are the Architect of your World

Not a Passenger in Your Own Life

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